Respite for Carers

Respite for Carers is an independent company and a registered charity which was founded in February 2012. Respite for Carers is responsible for regulating the activities of Stairlift Recycling and its dealership, and has the right to enforce penalties should the agreed processes not be adhered to. Respite for Carers performs a key role in ensuring that clients’ consumer rights are protected and that any disputes are properly investigated should they arise. Income generated by Respite for Carers for their control activities raise funds for respite care in the local community. 

Our Code of Practice
Clarity & Fairness
Quality Control
Making Life Easier

Stairlift Recycling and Respite for Carers formed a working alliance with Bespoke Stairlifts Ltd in December 2015. The recycling unit is based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, the collaboration was formed to supply customers with a new range of economical and versatile curved rails stairlifts both recycled and manufactured new by Bespoke Stairlifts. The working partnership has strengthened our operation and we are confident that our quality products are fairly priced in today's competitive market.


We are resolved to cut out the ‘mystique’ around ordering a curved stairlift, making each purchase transparent and ethical.

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 Respite for Carers Ltd : Company No 07966191 
Trading as: Respite for Carers Registered Charity Number:1150399
145-157 St. Johns Street
London EC1V 4PW